Sweden: Learn Swedish through the Language Exchange Association   And help of The speakers   In Swedish

Do you want to learn Swedish away from boring grammar books? Language is here to help you!

Learn languages ​​as if you live abroad, to speak to speakers from all over the world without leaving your home! "Languing gives you a global language exchange community where you can learn native languages ​​(for free)
How the application works
- Find language partners to suit your needs - Start chatting and learning languages ​​with new friends - Learn language based on communication. There are no obligations just an opportunity to learn languages ​​and have fun when you do it!
good luck

An innovative way to learn languages
When you learn languages ​​with people from all over the world, you will learn more than one language only. You will have friends during learning, grow your culture and learn all about their culture. In Languing you can communicate with friends above the ground, you will be able to see differences between cultures and be fully prepared to live possible with others when you go there. To them
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The language that you can now learn in the application are Swedish and different living languages ​​in the world, such as English, French and German
 Download today's free version and connect with millions of members around the world,
We are working to improve the application speed! Thank you for using language, learning languages ​​and making friends!
 with a good luck for everyone

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