Sweden: Learn Swedish: Learn Swedish VERBS practices more than 130 basic verbs

Learn and practice Swedish verbs with this verb interact interactively. With over 130 regular and irregular basic verbs, Svenska Verb Blitz is a clear and effective way to update and review your

grammar skills and expand your vocabulary every day.
In addition to the verb reference, there are four activities to investigate the intensive verb to test yourself with your skills in mating:
The application can be downloaded from here
- Test source: Do you know the importance of each action?
- Quiz contest: Can you determine the correct verb formula for English translation?
- Snap contest: Can you decide when Swedish and English sentences match? Try to get ten straight!
- Gapfill: Can you explain the missing word in the sentence?
good luck

In each game you can choose to play with the actions you have chosen as "done" in the main menu or, for an extra challenge, knock the entire verbs. The app will track your performance throughout the game, so you can control the most difficult entries at any time.
great way to improve the Swedish language can download the application from here
The selected verbs represent some of the most commonly used Swedish words, so Swedish Verb Blitz is also an excellent way to increase and practice everyday vocabulary too!
The application is designed by language lovers and other language lovers. Swedish Verb Blitz is a
. Learn Happy!

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