Sweden: Learn Swedish for beginners Discharge of verbs

Welcome to the Swedish language learners, as well as those who speak Swedish. In the Swedish language application, we have compiled a collection of Swedish verbs with sentences translated into Arabic and audio, including an application that helps you understand the Swedish language and control and integration of information in the language. In our applications we collected more than 200 acts so do not hesitate. Share Swedish apps with your friends
We wish you success in learning the language

Learning Swedish depends critically on our ability to use the Swedish grammar, which forms the basic verb sets.
Swedish verb sets consist of four groups. Each group of Swedish groups has distinct features that help us distinguish them from other groups.
To download the application you can access the site from here
These groups need little practice and repetition so that we can distinguish between them and their habits and be a base for us in learning Swedish. Being able to act groups means you can be able to immensely Swedish grammar and be your quick way to learn Swedish.
 good luck

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