Sweden: The best way to Apply and get a driver's license in Sweden

Driving license in Sweden: Körkort is an official document given to some people in Sweden to allow its holder to drive all kinds of motor vehicles in the EEA.

18 years is the minimum age for obtaining a vehicle license
Steps to get a Swedish driving license
1. Apply for a learning permit
2. Training in leadership
3 - study the theoretical rules of leadership
4 - to do risk training - riskutbildning
5. Reserve time for driving test.
1 - Learning permission
The process of obtaining a Swedish driver's license begins with applying for a student permit (körkortstillstånd). Fill out the application for the learner's permit and check the health and sight. The form is called "Ansökan körkortstillstånd + hälso & synintyg" and must be submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency - Transportstyrelsen. (Information in Swedish).
- Obtaining a visual health certificate (synintyg) and adding it to your application
- Signing a health certificate that comes in the form of a form which confirms that you do not have any diseases that may affect your ability to drive.
- Payment of the application fee (220 SEK).
The Driving Instruction Book can be found here
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2 Leadership training
Once you have (your education permit) - you are now ready to start training! You can pay for a paid course at the driving school or practice for free with a friend, parent or partner and your coach is called a handler.
3 Theoretical rules of leadership
It is recommended that you learn the theoretical rules of leadership during your training period. Driving schools have many sources of learning. If you choose not to go to a driving school you can learn the theoretical rules by reading the instruction book -
4. Risk training
, You must do risk training. This training is mandatory and consists of two parts.
The first part is theoretical and will teach you about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and fatigue while driving.
The second part focuses on speeding problems. The main aspect of this section is the halkbana slip training, where you will test your ability to drive in extreme driving conditions on an icy road. Once done, you will receive a valid certificate for 4 years.).
5. Test time
Theoretical test - Kunskapsprov
Finally, the last step! You will begin the theoretical test kunskapsprov and then the practical test förarprov.
You will do the second test regardless of the first result
More can be found here
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