Learn German through friendship with young German speaking Arabic in a language exchange

Learn German by making friends with young men and women in Germany. They want to learn the Arabic language in order to stand by the refugees and help them understand the German language. This leads to the opening of people from different cultures and the acquisition of new friends in a foreign country such as Germany. Language is difficult, but there are many ways to make new friends. Language learning is a way of integrating into German society
 Friendship in Germany is at the top of human relations. There is a clear difference between close friends with whom they have a strong relationship. Things start at a difficult time and with time all Good luck to everyone

Do you want to learn German through direct communication, you can benefit from many social networking sites, where it is also a useful way to learn the language of friction with others, especially for beginners:
these pages Accessible from the internet, can be accessed for friendships site from here
These sites can download their own language learning programs available on Google and iPhone
Good luck to everyone

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