Germany: Learn German through videos - videos and interactive exercises for different levels in German

the video is one of the leading educational tools and is widely disseminated in German language 

education. The Gautier Institute in this field produces many lessons for different language levels
It offers videos of all levels  Language level A1 - A2 "You can learn daily life vocabulary useful for basic vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.
  The A2 language level shows a diverse picture of the community
  A1-B2: Train the German language for your business, with tasks on levels A1 to B2. In interviews and films, you will learn more about everyday working life in Germany Language Level B1 - B2: Discover Germany and learn German with music! All episodes feature interactive classroom exercises and materials. 
With all the conciliation

The films are suitable for beginners and advanced alike. They can be used in lessons as well as in conversational or modern courses.
application directly from  here
 We also offer a useful application for learning German using more than 6,000 videos for advanced German instruction. You will master many skills in many categories, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, pronunciation, etc.
 We also offer videos for all levels, including beginners, middle and advanced. You can also access the Goethe Institut and TELC test videos. The app also contains many useful and funny educational videos as well as German songs. Children can learn to enjoy German content. To download the 
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