Germany: Learn about the most important markets of used objects (fleas ) in Germany (place and date)

Germany: Learn about the most important used items markets (Braggen, Bale) in Germany

If you are looking for clothes, appliances and other things in good condition but at a cheap price, you can find him in the markets of used objects that are set up at specific times and times in other German cities and regions.
For more information about dates and locations of markets in the table in the application, click on the column headings to get the required information
You find the following information in the table
Date, Postcode, city, place, time, participation
In flea markets, those looking for something cheap can try their luck in these markets
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Flea markets are a delightful market and have nothing to do with dirt or unpleasant odors. The most famous ones are located in interesting areas where there are old furniture and handmade art pieces of every color. Opportunity to live in the open air
The site can be accessed from here
A person can buy cheap clothes, which are sold by people whose clothes tanks are packed with different kinds of clothing. Here, almost all sellers are amateur and the person can bargain at the price and maybe get a expensive piece of clothing with only one euro. .
 You can also find professional vendors selling books and furniture from past decades, CDs, jewelery, handicrafts, bags, t-shirts, antique antiques,
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