Germany: Giant Netto announced the need for staff with different competencies in different German cities

Netto advertises. Germany for its need for a large number of employees, workers with good salaries. Now warehouse workers need no impediments to doing business

Staff are individually prepared, developed and expanded. Will work with senior staff. You will have hands-on experience to get started with Netto-j
Main functions required:
Butcher, assistant sales manager. Site manager is a technical / technical producer specializing in the processing of paintings, forklift driver
Warehouse manager, buffet staff, POS technician, commercial clerk, cooker,
Warehouse worker, marketing specialist, software developer, vendor,
Sales Manager. 'Receptionist for Fruits and Vegetables, Goods Officer
Good luck

Required qualities
A person must be passionate about business, teamwork, reliability and flexibility
We are delighted that your entry into the company is worthwhile! Therefore, you will not only benefit from paid compensation and all the social benefits of a large company: From the start, Neto has
Submit applications, and access the page directly from here
discovered where co-existence and individual training opportunities are
If you do not currently find a suitable advertised job you can apply for the company
Registration job opportunity from here
 , Good luck

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