Do not throw any bills and coupons from the supermarket after the day you can get instead of them money

Simply save your purchase bills when shopping at the supermarket with COUPIES!
COUPIES offers you three types of coupons:
coupons Supermarket and pharmacy coupons
coupons Coupons, which you can exchange directly in stores
coupons Online store coupons
That's how it works
You can redeem vouchers for supermarkets by purchasing a product advertised at any supermarket and photographing the receipt with the application. The discount will be added to your COUPIES account. From the 5 € balance you can pay money to your bank or paypal account.
In addition, there are coupons you can store when you shop at the store: just click "Recover" and view your phone while shopping at the store.
With online shop specials, you will get a discount code, which you can redeem when shopping at the store.
good luck

Download COUPIES now and test us: We offer you € 0.50 for a first receipt (random) receipt. Coppies is of course free for you!
You can use COUPIES anonymously, create an account with an email address and password, or sign in with your Facebook account. Important: We do not share your personal information with third parties. Download the application from here
You will be notified of payment messages for expired vouchers soon, or new vouchers in your area. You can adjust the number of messages you receive and the number of messages.
Congratulations to everyone

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