Germany: Learn the entire German grammar

Full German Grammar "Application with over 10,000 exercises" choice for all levels of learning in German.

+ Level A1: With more than 1,000 exercises
+ Level A2: With more than 1,000 exercises
+ Level B1: With more than 1,500 exercises
+ Level B2: With more than 70 exercises for rated grammar + 2,500 exercises
+ C1 level: with approximately 50 + + rule exercises of approximately 1,500
+ Over 3,000 tests for verbs, nouns, sentences or grammatical structures in German.
Regards to everyone

"German Full Grammar" is a wonderful study of German grammar.
"Complete German grammar" for basic and advanced learners on Android!
You can access the site from here
"Complete German grammar" is perfectly optimized for your Android phone.
On the other hand, we are only upgrading the installation file with ~ 2MB, which will help reduce the cost of data at installation
Make the application smoother.
Regards to all with success

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