Sweden: Special courses for beginners in learning Swedish

Discover a variety of courses and start developing quickly. Try it now!
Application Functions:
- For users with or without prior knowledge
- Training on listening, writing, and speaking exercises for a wide range of topics
- Simple language exercises
- Effective speech training with voice recognition
An integrated review helps promote what you have learned
Congratulations to everyone

To learn Swedish: The education system, you can learn the Swedish language flexibly. Courses are divided into topics with a wide range of different Swedish exercises: beginner and reactive courses, rules, verb instruction, written interpretation of common words developed by experts. The application has been improved over years of student feedback.
You can access the site and download the program from here
Swedish interactive exercises allow you to define the vocabulary and rules you need. Fear of speech? no problem. With integrated speech recognition you can evaluate and practice your Swedish pronunciation. Provides proofreading of the vocabulary you have learned in optimal periods of review. This helps to include what you have learned in your memory in the long term. Learning languages ​​on the Internet has never been that easy! You learn not only fast, intuitive and flexible, but also more than traditional language courses. You can try the Swedish exercises for free and without any obligations.

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