Sweden, learn Swedish through Swedish friends and language exchange association

Meet friends in Sweden and start learning Swedish with the help of social network Languing
Languing offers you a global language exchange community where you can learn Swedish with indigenous people
How the program works
- Find the language partner that matches your needs
- Start chat and learn languages ​​with your new friends
- There are no obligations just an opportunity to learn languages ​​and have fun when you do!
Learn languages ​​by talking to users around the world from your home where "language helps to learn and speak Swedish". Making new friends in Sweden can "learn the language." Thanks to Langeng, there is no difficulty in speaking Swedish by talking to the Germans and learning things about their culture
With our wishes for the good luck

Swedish is one of the most important languages ​​in the world that many would like to learn because of the opportunities offered by Sweden to immigrants who want to learn in a country where education is almost free compared to many European countries.
Language makes it easy to get to know friends in Sweden and start learning Swedish from the start.
The site is very easy to use and also supports Arabic. and can access the page from here
Learn the language through Swedish friends who want to learn other languages, so you can find and speak with them in their own language,
With our wishes for the good luck

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