Sweden: Great application for verbs in Swedish languish

Language learning has become necessary and indispensable, especially for Arab immigrants and refugees, and not being able to speak the language of the state in which they have settled means the difficulty of communicating with others.
There are many applications of Android and iPhone that allow you to learn any language you want to apply today to those interested in learning Swedish. We will provide you with an application based primarily on the conduct of acts in Swedish on the Play market. tenses
Good luck to everyone

Learn to interpret Swedish verbs with this interactive application. With over 130 regular and irregular basic verbs, Swedish Verb Blitz is a clear and effective way to update and review your grammar skills as well as expand your vocabulary everyday.
In addition to the reference verb, there are four practices to study the intense act of testing and your ability
- Test Source: Do you know the meaning of each action?
Citation: Can you determine the correct verb formula for English translation?
 Match: Can you specify when the Swedish and English sentences match? Try to get ten straight!
Lost Word: Can you explain the missing word in the sentence?
You can choose to play with the actions you specified as done in the main menu, or, against an additional challenge, the whole verbs bank. The app will track your performance, so you can check at any one time for the most difficult entries.
To download the application directly from here
The selected verbs represent some of the most used Swedish words, so Swedish Verb Blitz is a great way to increase and practice everyday vocabulary as well!
Applying verbs is a great way to improve Swedish. Learn Happy!
Wish you success

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