Germany: Teaching German, "German learning application for language level B2 Grammar exercises

Welcome to "Learn German B2 Grammar Workouts". This application is completely free!
 The application is a great help for learners preparing for the German B2 exam. With the application you can improve German grammar and learn German correctly and beautifully. In this application "Learn German B2 grammatical exercises" you will find related exercises in German grammar. The rules are explained in a simple way and with many examples. Task exercises and master exercises for phases B2 or for those preparing to move to the next phase B2:
Regards to all with acceptance and compromise

- Grammar exercises as a foreign language B2. You can improve German grammar and write a lot
- German B2 exam subjects, German Grammar and spelling
- For each subject there are exercises with corrections and automatic solutions
- 5000 exercises
You can access the site and compile the application from here
With this application you can quickly do German workouts. Vocabulary and grammatical exercises. Try it for free now!
Learn German for free for course B2
 We wish you a lot of fun with the application of the German exercise B2 Grammar

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