Germany: Learn German, download the application of the B2 level grammar

Teaching German to level B2 application will help you a lot to learn German
Are you already in German level B2? German Level B2 learning materials will certainly help you learn German.
Train your audio comprehension through exercises to understand listening to B2 and prepare yourself optimally for the German exam B2. Take a look at the models of German fluency level B2 and try to solve the problems.
We wish you good luck

You will also find many reading comprehension exercises B2. Read exciting texts and practice understanding your reading on the Internet.
The application can be downloaded and accessed from  here
You will learn about the very special beauty of the German language and expand your vocabulary. If you just want to read interesting texts for the German level B2, you'll find them in the "Learning German from all over the world" series.
Good luck to the Lord

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