Germany: Learn German by voice : Verbs the level Linguistic B1

Comprehensive application contains many verbs B1 and translated sentences audio, will help you German special sound to learn all the files of the B1 language German application, in which all actions of B1 with the strings, the application makes you act quickly Geode can. to learn the German language (German learn) other applications, you will be in our shop.
There are also: acts of A1 and B1 translated acts and sentences, verbs for A1 and A2 and B1.
Adjetiv positive with translators comparison tools and preference, comparative, superlative works with Llacuzzativ with examples with Aldhativ with sound works translated
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examples localized and translated with the sound and
actions with Llacuzzativ Aldhativ and with sound
verbs with accusative
verbs with dative
verbs with accusative
and dating
verbs with prepositions
The site can be accessed from here.
The most important German actions Haben his in the present, perfect, and päteritum
Prepare applications for language exams test A1, B1 German A1 and B1 Hear Audio written to find Write Read Read newsletter, e_mail, sprechen'll in our store.
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