Germany: Learn the entire German grammar for all levels A1 A2 B1 B2 C1

A new application for those interested in learning German professionally :German Complete Grammar
German Complete Grammar" is an application with more than 10.000 multiple- choice exercises- For all learning levels in German.
+Level A1: with more than 1.000 multiple- choice exercises.
+Level A2: with more than 1.000 multiple- choice exercises.
+Level B1 : with more than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises.
+Level B2 : with more than 70 classified grammar exercises + 2.500 multiple- choice exercises.
+level C1: with nearly 50 grammar exercises + nearly 1.500 multiple- choice exercises
+More than 3.000 test for Verbs, Nouns, Sentences or
With our best wishes for success

popular grammar structures in German.
"German Complete Grammar" is AWESOME for Studying German Grammar.
"German Complete Grammar" is for basic and advanced learners on Android!
"German Complete Grammar" IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED for your android phone.
In other hand we optimize install file with only ~2MB , its will help you reduce data cost when install
and make app more smooth.
Thanks,The site can be accessed from here
If you have any problem or any doubt, please feel free contact with us at
We will support as soon as possible.
With our best wishes for success

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