Germany: Learn and speak German easily 5 minutes a day

Learning German vocabulary has become a fun and fun game instead of long exercises that make learning the language effortless. You must create practical vocabulary for your memories through beautiful graphics and fast mini-games you have only 5 minutes a day. It may seem crazy, but it works like magic! This is the application plug: 100% illustrations: Images have a direct meaning - no broker. Faster, more efficient and of course more fun! 5 minutes: It seems the preparation time for training, but it causes incredible addiction - which is wonderful to learn. , So you do not have any excuse: you have 5 minutes on the busiest day! Effortless Gaming: We know why games are fun and addictive, and the result is a truly wonderful experience, but it is not a waste of time while playing while building valuable knowledge.
With best wishes to all

Writing on the keyboard is painfully slow. Hi, quick scan! Trust us, you will need those extra seconds during the quick learning session, vocabulary only: rules from scratch, only carefully selected practical words. This is our focus and we are doing well. The application defines the language. Efficiency is nothing without a fixed habit. We help you learn We are very proud of our words spoken by unique words Free application for learners:
The site can be accessed from  here
More than 1,700 words in 99 posts available to all. Undergraduate students can register for faster progress with unlimited learning time. The goal is to empower people around the world through language skills by providing a special tool with the universal language that we all talk about: images.
With best wishes to all

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