Germany: German lessons for all levels A1 A2 B1 B2 C1

The application is one of the best free applications in German language
A wealth of information in language teaching with very detailed explanations
The application of German learning from the beginning and the basics of German and German grammar for beginners and advanced
German courses: German language and German grammar, important German topics for all levels and basics of writing subjects in German
Wishes for all to succeed

The application includes: Complete explanation of exams for all stages and sections of the exam Many examples of conversation sections, for example:
The site can be accessed from  here
 Talk to many tips about the sections of the lectures in the exam and look at all parts or sections of the exam and the duration of the exam Exam as well as very important tips for you free of charge and also include periods of life in Germany and studying in Germany and in the future Unmatched updates
good luck

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