germany: Download the German grammar As a foreign language A1

Download German as a Foreign Language Level A1
 German grammar allows you to get regular training. On the basis of modern exercises, you can learn, write, speak and train on German grammar. "German Grammar A1 exam" is a modern and communicative Android application for beginners. It is aimed at educated adults who want to learn German quickly and efficiently. This application takes into account the language, content and intellectual requirements of adult learners already at the A1 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
You can do vocabulary exercises, voice exercises, all skills are handled and trained appropriately. You will find many exercises, reports on all the important topics of German grammar
You will find this booklet explaining German spelling in an understandable way and specifically targeting students as speakers,
With all the conciliation

The grammatical rules are clearly presented and explained with illustrative examples. Through this application you can easily learn German grammar skills and write with many exercises to deepen the vocabulary. For beginners and advanced
The rules are reduced to the most important and in the application you can read words and phrases. You will also find the most important grammatical topics. Young people learn and practice basic vocabulary and simple grammatical structures - and also by incorporating mother tongue - and practice speaking the new language in the form of short dialogues. Understanding the temporal forms of grammar!
he site can be accessed from here
The A1 course is designed for beginners. In this course, you will learn how to communicate in a safe and secure way in everyday life situations.
 You will find grammatical rules for free German courses. Twith all the best

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