Germany: BMW Germany, the German automaker, has announced that it will offer jobs in various fields

BMW is a world leader in the manufacture of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as financial services and excellent mobility services. It works with more than 130,000 creative professionals in more than 140 offices around the world who have something in common: Passion! Passion for future technologies and enthusiasm for innovative ideas.
This passion and, above all, the diversity of our teams has been the foundation of our success for more than 100 years and we have become private employers. The company refers to the need to work in many areas of expertise. It does not matter if the applicant is a student. Ao of graduates or professionals.In addition to traditional occupations in the fields of engineering, production, logistics, design, sales and marketing, we are increasingly looking for experts in software development, the
Good luck to everyone

German BMW has now announced vacancies for ordinary workers, a good job at BMW Germany. Full-time work 38-40 hours per week
- The price of the hour is 20 euros and this increase in night hours by 25%
 You can apply for a job here
BMW is looking for enthusiasts who want to re-invent the future mobility with them. - Everyone is fascinated by how education and the transformation of the automotive industry have the opportunity to share their passion with us.
Congratulations to everyone

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